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The Grunts & The Growls

Ritual Chamber - "The Pit Of Tentacled Screams"

I have never heard a "tentacled scream".  If this is what they sound like then I am a fan of them.  Ritual Chamber appear to be a hidden gem that slipped past me during the already crushing and dark brilliance that was 2013 in DM.

References are appearing comparing them to Grave Miasma (see previous post) which is a fair assessment except there are no sonics for guitar lovers to fap over, this is just straight up atmospheric, gloomy and looming DM nodding heavily to Portal in style.

Head over to Bandcamp to experience Ritual Chamber for the princely sum of $5 (or £3 ish to us Brits).

The grunts and the growls

Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum

Death Metal prior to 2013 had grown old and tired in the realm of Eminent Silence.  I'd spin the odd Obituary, Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse record whilst trying to end family gatherings early or cut short dinner parties I never actually invited anyone to, but otherwise nothing new perked my interest in the genre.

Then along comes 2013 with it's conveyor belt of quality DM releases to remind me that nothing ever truly dies a death.  Gorguts, Ulcerate, Portal, Carcass and Grave Miasma (to mention but a few) all came along and kicked my miserable, doubting ass with albums of sheer brilliance.  The latter of the group I just mentioned I have literally only just got round to listening to properly (fuck you - I have a job ya know?)

It's extraordinary to hear a band place their influences on show so obviously yet not sound old and tired whilst regurgitating old riffs.  What Grave Miasma have done on "Odori..." is simply blend influenc…
Larvae - "Grave Descent" Hailing from Oakland, Larvae play a combination of doomy death with BM fills.  Within a few seconds of listening I am reminded of a variety of bands from Vastum to Beherit to Emperor.  Their blend of styles is effortless seemingly as they stack punishing slabs of doomy riffs whilst mauling the listener with menacing melodies.  They use lo-fi atmospherics to open tracks like "The Lost Await" in a complete nod to the style of Burzum before launching off into more mid-paced doomy laden DM again.  There is real sense of desolation and sorrow present throughout "Grave Descent", so much so that even when you are caught up in it's more driving moments you are soon brought back down with some gigantuan riff to remind you of the direction Larvae are taking you.

Being generous souls, Larvae are offering their album on a "pay what you want" type of deal through Bandcamp and I'd recommend you get over there and support some …