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Wolvserpent - (they have a new release, it is good but I ain't typing the title)

Wolvserpent are an odd duo in terms of the often life or death choice of where to put a band based on their sound.  The anally retentive readers amongst you may have a full blown aneurysm trying to safely store this complex blend of doom, death, black, drone, folk and harrowing classical influences into a safe and neat little pigeonhole. Add to the fact that this latest release (still not typing the proper title) is actually a 40 minute single-song composition that takes you through everyone of the above listed experiences at least once and your heads may even pop.  Take my advice, create an "Other" or "Unknown" folder/shelf/record box/CD tower and stick it in there.
If you are already familiar with Wolvserpent then you won't be disappointed here.  It is hard to review any Wolvserpent release because there is so much going on and to be honest I still don't think that my humble words would a) prepare you for the actual experience or b) do it real justice as…

Inverloch "Distance Collapsed"

dISEMBOWELMENT.  There, I said it already.  One word into a review about Inverloch and I thought I should just get it out of the way early on.  Not that I wish to appear in anyway negligent of the legacy of aforementioned band but if, like me, you prefer to focus on the output at hand from the current band that is actually alive and kicking and recording music then you will want to read about Inverloch not dISEMBOWELMENT.

It is a hard legacy to get away from I grant you but the fact is that as a piece of death/doom metal "Distance Collapsed" is superb, regardless of how many quarters of another (now defunct) band are involved.  It is a clear step up from the "Dusk/Subside" EP from 2012, which although praised by most sections I did find a bit dull and safe.  It never really went anywhere despite the length of each of the 3 tracks I could never remember any actual crushing riffs just lots of atmosphere heaped on far too much.

On their debut full-length Inverloch unl…