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Overkill "White Devil Armory"

Sometimes humans are stupid.  We make often wild and damn near criminally dumb decisions based on very little thought, usually borne out of dismissive and cursory reactions.  The act of stepping back and giving an opinion, concept or idea a chance is, sadly, lost on us homo sapiens sometimes.  Nobody is more guilty of this than myself.  In 20+ years of listening to metal music I have neglected some very important artists and albums based on whims and fancies at the time of hearing them for the first time.  I am particularly guilty of this with Overkill.

I have not been able to get on with Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth's vocals when it comes to Overkill. (Insert random name calling, finger pointing, laughing and stares of disbelief here!!!).  For some reason my picky little brain bends toward a dislike for the vocal style of "Blitz" and always did do until "White Devil Armory" dropped this past week.  Thrash metal makes up a small part of my collection of mu…