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Rewind Tuesday....Catching Up With Stuff That Came Out Months Ago!

Yep, because you have a job/kids/committments/all of the aforementioned you miss things.  You miss that special offer at the pizza shop where if you spend a tenner you get a can of Vimto free, you miss that happy hour at the local pub where bitter is £1 a pint and (like me) you miss a shitload of great releases from 2014 in the world of metal.  All because people need money, love and security as humans we are shit at keeping up with or on top of releases.  I envy the blogs who have the time and dedication to post "stuff that comes out today" lists, but if there are any readers out there of this blog you should note I tend to operate on the more traditional take on time by getting round to stuff "eventually".
So no surprise the for me to have only just picked up the Nov 2014 album from Greek BM legends Varathron a whole 4 months late.  Now for anyone with an internet connection or some basic knowledge of BM, you will already re…