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Napalm Death "Apex Predator - Easy Meat"

There's a point to pack in being in a metal band.  That moment when you've just released an album that is "a whole new direction" or simply a really shit attempt at former glory (yes you Venom!) is the proverbial self heel to the bollocks usually.  The point were even your most die-hard fan ceremonially burns that band photo poster of you that has adorned their wall since issue number 10 of Metal Forces magazine in complete disenchantment with your latest studio offering (come on Morbid Angel fans - you've all been there) effectively guarantees that you go out more in a y-fronts full of wet fart moment as opposed to a blaze of glory.

Thankfully there is no suggestion of any of the above from Napalm Death with 15th (yes fucking 15th) studio album "Apex Predator - Easy Meat".  Album number 15 is fucking ferocious! It's a rolling ball of pissed off, furious riffs, wrapped in a wall of spazzing noise that does for ear wax what the Dambusters did for Ger…