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Bell Witch - "Four Phantoms"

Yep, another late review but I am sure by now any readers of the blog will know to expect little in the way of regularity in terms of posts here.  Nowadays I only post when I feel the need to share something so good or impressive that to listen to it alone does not do it sufficient justice.  Sometimes, not sharing something borders on criminal.  This ethos is very much applicable to "Four Phantoms", which is an extraordinary, challenging and thought provoking listen.

To start with Bell Witch are not a stereotypical metal band.  The two members use only bass and drums as their preferred weapons of choice.  The bass is a six string affair so the capacity for some very heavy and harrowing riffs and leads is explored fully by Dylan Desmond.  The 4 tracks flow effortlessly between crushing heaviness and melancholic melodies.  The hour of your attention that it demands takes you to dark places as it explores four violent deaths at the hand of nature.  Drowning, suffocation, immol…