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Inquisition "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith"

I won't be typing that album title again during this review.  From here on in I will just refer to it as "Inquisitions' latest offering" or other more such succinct descriptions by comparison.  Not that the title is a cause for a moan, as it suggests the entire thirteen tracks on offer here showcase their fare share of "bloodshed", infer numerous occasions of ritual sacrifice and take the listener far "beyond" any current "celestial" plain on which they may currently dwell.

The fact is that at album number seven Inquisition are virtually unstoppable.  They are at that point in their career when some scribes are tipping them for mainstream (metal) success - which I feel unlikely - as the accessibility of their material attracts more new fans than it does piss off old ones! The fact is though whilst there isn't any other band in BM that manages to use melody so effectively and consistently, there is much more to the sound of Inquisitio…

Temple Nightside "The Hecatomb"

It is testimony to how quick metal moves in styles when I find myself now listening to releases and writing of how the sound is a throwback to Portal, when only a couple of years ago the cavernous and distorted musings of every other DM release gave a firm nod to the Australian connoisseurs of such beastly sounds.  As with all things new (trying to avoid the use of "sub-genre" as a term) the market soon became saturated as everybody was trying to "out-squid" everybody else.

It wasn't exactly with open arms that I welcomed the press release gubbins surrounding Temple Nightside's latest release to the realm of Eminent Silence.

It's tangibly still death metal in nature, but there's a certain sinister sensation that eludes conventionally metallic definition; its hulking plod gives way to bestial pulse and then evaporates into a smokestack-dense fog of frightening, palpable evil. Translation?  This sounds like a hundred other Portal worshippers out ther…

Voidspawn "Pyrrhic"

The internet is wonderful isn't it?  Amongst all the brilliant things you can place on next day delivery like a horse flap so your steed can enter the house and exit again at it's leisure, or an assassin to bump off your ex, there is also "Pyrrhic" by Voidspawn currently available for immediate download (for $3).
Three tracks of progressive yet blasting death metal with nods to Gorguts and Ulcerate, but there is so much more depth and murk to this with vocal performances not unlike Abyssal at times.  There's a parade of instrumental talent on show but it is not a "showy" EP.  It is a teaser of hopefully further amazing things to come.
Full of strong riffs, proggy chug and unexpected time changes this will keep you on your toes for a Saturday morning wake up call.
4/5 The Link Voidspawn Bandcamp