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RIP Lemmy

I am not going to right paragraph after paragraph about Lemmy's passing.  I own a handful of Motorhead records and have never heard much I didn't like and this, coupled with the frontman's penchant for living life to the full made Motorhead a very attractive prospect to me and countless hundreds of thousands of others.

The fact is that - for me - this is what today should be all about.  Far from wallowing in grief we should be celebrating the life of one of metal's last true icons.  Lemmy lived life how he wanted and did a fucking good job of it from where I am standing.  He is rightly the envy of many of us. Most of us dream of a truly rock n roll lifestyle but only a few of us get to live it.  Lemmy made it seem effortless but unfortunately nobody is indestructible.  I will raise a few glasses of JD tonight in his honor, whilst playing a selection of Motorhead's finest releases.

The king is dead, long live the king.

The Vinyl Collection - Metallica "Master of Puppets"

Following the rude interruption of Xmas in the otherwise perfect equilibrium of Eminent Silence, the realm now finds itself in possession of a record player.  To maximise the potential of this new toy steps have been taken to find appropriate items to facilitate the functionality of the latest addition to the available technology in the realm.  Ok, the short version, I bought some vinyl records.

However, owning a cloud library that itself contains a fair few days worth of listening material as well as a reasonably sized CD collection means that not just any old release will find its way to my turntable.  Since I spend most of my week travelling and living in hotels it is obvious my record listening habits will be limited to weekends so the titles that will occupy my vinyl collection will be only those considered as "classics".

This leads me nicely to another excuse to write random reviews of aforementioned vinyl classics, starting with Metallica's 1986 thrash metal opus …

Eminent Silence Top Ten Albums 2015

It has been a good year in metal here at Eminent Silence.  Not for one minute do I think that I have managed to capture every release that has come out in the past 12 months (I work) but suffice to say that I have heard at least ten that moved me enough to make my end of year list.

10. Sulphur Aeon "Gateway To The Antisphere"

Whilst there is nothing new here, what has been done many times before on this album is still done very well.  It is DM done smartly without wankery yet composed cleverly enough to hold the attention.

9. Ad Nauseam "Nihil Quam Vacquitas Ordinatum Est"
2014 was the year for bonkers, spazzing DM but this particular box of moshing frogs missed the deadline and only got released in March of this year.  Technical yet mental.
8. Deiphago "Into The Eye Of Satan" A more hybrid form of the raging beast that is Deiphago started to form on this release.  No less brutal than previous outings just more focused and sharp.
7. Tsjuder "Antiliv&…