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Tsjuder "Antiliv"

I don't sit waiting for Black Metal albums to drop with any real hope of always locating something new or challenging.  Metal in general can reproduce itself in many different guises and band names yet still be challenging no matter how familiar it may sound.  Sometimes the tried and tested formula is the best one to stick with.  Knowing what you do best and doing it well is perfectly acceptable in the case of Tsjuder, who once again have released 8 tracks of blistering, raw and furious BM on new opus "Antiliv".

Between all the usual auditory assault fans have become so accustomed with from the Norwegians there is still enough punky catchy rumble and thump to have this clunking around your head for days after only a few listens.  Take track two "Krater" with its fine mix of harsh BM stew tempered with some almost NWOBHM plod dumplings to add some stodge to proceedings.

The howling wind of vocal aggro that opens  "Norge" will blow any remaining cobwebs…