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Get "Fucked" and listened to Fuckhammer now!

Innocently surfing the web can sometimes lead you to discoveries you never expected to make.  Here I am this sunny Sunday evening sipping at an IPA and plodding through Bandcamp when I stumble across the brilliantly named Fuckhammer and their debut full length "Fucked".

As the name suggests, Fuckhammer won't be making any Now That's What I Call Music compilations anytime soon with their blend of near abhorrent sludge metal, spat out like a bite from a worm infested apple!  This is ugly, uncomfortable and yet still memorable sludge delivered with almost casual aplomb.  Prior to this nefarious piece of filth the guys released their "Hammered To Fuck" EP which is equally as breathtaking and unpleasant (in a good way) an experience from start to finish!

This is the type of music that forbids you to engage with it in a friendly manner, Fuckhammer give you a wedgie, call you a cunt and then demand you listen to their music.  Thundering riffs and raw, scratchy and…

Life is not comfortable - Of Doomed Morale "Arcas & Callisto"

Here in England at present we have had national press coverage of some property owners going to the "extremity" of having spikes embedded in the floor outside of their buildings to discourage homeless people from sleeping there.  The idea being that it is too uncomfortable for anyone to sleep there.
Alternatively the aforementioned bourgeoisie, property owing elite could just take a punt on downloading the debut full length from Canadian doom/drone duo, Of Doomed Morale to create the same, desired effect!
Occasionally a record comes along that makes you curl up your top lip and pull a face like a bear just sat on your face and guffed straight up your nasal passages with the intensity and ferocity of a jet engine.  Of Doomed Morale have delivered a truly cloying and grainy experience over the 50+ minutes that make up "Arcas & Callisto".  The whole album drips with a raw fuzz that punishes your ears from start to finish.  The record drags you into the broom close…