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Cattle Decapitation - "The Anthropocene Extinction"

The fringes of my music radar is an odd place for a band/artist to be.  It is a metal version of Hades I suppose were bands sit awaiting my attention before I send them into endless burning oblivion after dismissing them or I alternatively induct them into my own version of a celestial playlist by getting them on regular rotation on my listening pattern.  Occasionally I will be very human and remain completely undecided on a sound or particular style of a band and leave them floating at the fringes of my interest until I stumble across them again on my seemingly endless journey of extreme discovery.

Cattle Decapitation have been in my own version of Hades for a good couple of years.  I have heard good, I have heard bad things but only now with the release of seventh full length "The Anthropocene Extinction" and the ensuing internet furore around it, have I ventured forth unto the breach.

Straight away there is a problem.  I don't like the production.  What should be (I a…

Black Harvest - "Abject"

Music should be entertaining to listen to.  It shouldn't always be fun (indeed, hand me your harshest sounds metal world, feel free to make me wriggle and squirm) but no matter how much is going on in the mix of whatever slab of extremity you are spinning or streaming a good album should be able to reach out and grab your attention.  That invisible hand is the musician, artist or group truly being able to transpose that creativity from their brain to an audible format that the fan can appreciate, nod along to respectfully and really hear that piece of the author with clarity and feel.

I listen to a lot of music.  Sadly, I listen to a lot of music that just passes me by and sometimes that is just me being a penis and not taking time to listen properly.  However, in today's world of omnipresent internet access and never ending stream of Bandcamp and YouTube I do often come across music that no matter how hard I listen just has no soul, has no passion, no grit, no feel as well as…

Refining Barbarity? Deiphago "Into The Eye Of Satan"

Making no apology for who you are is an admirable trait for any band to have.  Anyone familiar with the Deiphago back catalogue will be aware of the wall of furious, pounding thunder that is their sound, relentless in delivery and unapologetic for the carnage left in its wake.  To experience 2012 offering "Satan, Alpha, Omega" is to truly find out what it is like to be assaulted by music.  The fact is that Deiphago are so primitive at times they make the likes of Impiety look positively mainstream and accessible and whilst much is being made already of the tighter sound and performance obvious on their latest offering, there is still no denying that this is Deiphago through and through.

Album opener (proper) "Evil and Adverse" tears your face off and drops a big stinking poo down your throat for good measure - like a misguided notion of a reward ("yeah we're Deiphago, thanks for listening") - as it blazes its way around the room full of pounding fury …