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Gorguts "Pleiades' Dust"

If you sit back and take stock of Gorguts' near quarter of a century's worth of releases you won't find one that comes anywhere near to trumping "Pleiades' Dust".  That's a very bold statement given the quality that is littered throughout their discography, including such gems as "Obscura" and "Colored Sands".  The fact is however that "Pleiades' Dust" is the best thing Gorguts have ever done.

It isn't flawless either, but when you hear of bass and drums being dropped in one take you have to take a step back from pointing out human foibles and simply admire the effort and gumption to try that in the first place.  You see, the process that Gorguts utilise in putting this track together is brilliant, probably best described by another review I read whereby they compared Lemay to Martin Scorsese.  He just puts his format in place, his story, his script - call it whatever you want - and lets the rest of Gorguts do whatev…

Grave Miasma "Endless Pilgrimage"

"Odori Sepulcrorum" took forever to click with me here in the Realm of Eminent Silence.  It was obvious that there was a beast of serious intent in there but for so long the swampy, squally chaos of GM's sound took over and I never felt I could get to the true centre of the band.  Now I am all grown up and understand complicated things better I own the entire back catalogue of Grave Miasma and instantly dipped in for "Endless Pilgrimage" upon release.

It starts with what sounds like a sitar, before crashing into the now familiar occult atmospheric death metal that we all know to be Grave Miasma.  The demented vocals are instantly recognisable as they babble and growl their way through the incantations and hexes that the band cast with each song. Yet there are also some new bits/elements going on as well as the experimentation with middle eastern sounding instruments there is also an overall feeling of the sound being a tad more accessible than previous outings.…