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Writhes In Murk - Aevangelist get back on the Eminent Silence Xmas Card List!

The last outing from Aevangelist was a difficult affair for me.  I understand the rationale behind the direction of the record and the stylistic chops and changes that they tried to mix into one big dark, ugly and chaotic pie.  Unfortunately, "Omen Ex Simulacra" lost me.  Instead of being enveloped by it's swarming atmospheres and looming darkness I found myself sitting back and looking consistently rather puzzled.  Part of the attraction of bands like Aevangelist are their absolute inaccessibility, but "Omen.." was a journey too far for these ears and although I have revisited just to make sure I am not being a knob I still don't remember much about it.

So when my email account declared that the band had put together a new release for my perusal the email dropped to the bottom of my review pile.  Kind of like that awkward next date when you are not convinced the last one went too well after your date barfed sushi on your shirt, gave you a wedgie and called…