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The not quite the end of the year AOTY list!

I have a problem with AOTY lists.  Most blogs, forums, FB pages, Twitter accounts and media in general start them far too early.  It seems as soon as November hits the internet is awash with people telling us how good things have been for the last ten and a bit months - seemingly with no regard for the two remaining months that can still herald some absolute finds!

Despite my protestations on this subject matter it does seem that if I am to be a responsible blog owner then this is the appropriate time of year to put together the list of titles that have left me feeling kind of warm inside over the past year.  There's ten of them, not twenty or fifteen.  No matter how good a year it's been no AOTY list should include more than ten releases it's what the basis of a "top" list is all about to me.

10. Serpentine Path "Emanations"
Album number two from theses death/doom deliverers was a clear progression on their s/t debut and one that benefited well from an…