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Gojira "Magma"

Opening an album with a dull, plodding psychedelic nu-metal song isn't really the smartest of moves.  I already had this figured out, Gojira unfortunately haven't and as a result I am exposed to as oppressive and bleak a sounding start to a record as I think I have ever heard.

By the time track two comes along ("Silvera") with its more uptempo pace and frenzied prog sounds I am instantly hopeful of an immediate change of track.  However, there's something still really flat and oppressive about the production.  It is like the guitar is being played in the room next door to where everything else is.  The guitarist seems to move another door down by track 3.  As "The Cell" plonks through its course the guitar continues to meander away to itself as if the guitarist is unaware they are in a band with other members.

"Stranded" sounds like a more groove orientated Korn with the machine like lead and riff work.  This underlines the frustration of &quo…

Rïcïn "Lïan"

The trend for ambient, European (yep I said the "E" word Brexitors) post-metal/rock, multi-instrumental constructs is one of limited potential to these ears.  I mean I already have Kauan in my library who serve up as excellent slabs of intense yet emotive post-rock as I am ever going to need to soothe my soul when required.

Rïcïn however aren't Kauan.  They probably don't want to be either I imagine but as a result of either a) my limited knowledge of the genre or b) the actual limited variety of the genre they are all I can compare them to.  At times the quality on "Lïan" is close to the astounding sound of the Russians on their releases thus far, but the major problem with the (presumed) French outfit is that they don't match the flow and connectivity of all the individual parts that Kauan manage so effortlessly.  The combo of the backing vocals with the lead vocals is jarring at times and really does nothing positive in terms of endearing the listen…

Weekly Playlist

Aside from enduring another week of watching grown ups lie, grossly over-exaggerate poorly researched "facts" whilst all the time professing to have my best interests at heart as a "Brit" I have been taking refuge in the following:

Gojira "Magma" Hmm, like Mastodon only not as fucked up (which is a good thing).  Will be reviewing this once I have had more time with it.
Rïcïn "Lïan" Odd shifting, driving passages that soothe and grate at the same time.  Potential review in the works.

Izegrim "The Ferryman's End"

I could sit here typing endless comparisons of Izegrim's sound with that of Arch Enemy.  Every other reviewer seems to do this and I would hate to break from tradition. However there's a point to make about Arch Enemy.  I don't like them.  I actually don't mind a bit of Izegrim.  They do exactly what they say on the tin.  Take the chops of some thrash riffs, mould them onto some raspy DM vocals and infuse with just enough melody to keep any Lamb of God fans smiling and you have an Izegrim track already written.

Forgive my condescending tone though for a minute because I genuinely think Izegrim do meldoic DM reasonably well enough and "The Ferryman's End" has some very pleasing and well executed moments on it.  There are breakdowns galore, solid lead work aplenty and even some variety to the front woman's vocals.

The problem is that for all the promise and achieved goals on "The Ferryman's Ending" it just doesn't flow, ever.  Everythi…

Surgikill "Sanguinary Revelations"

Appearances can be deceptive.  Anyone looking at the logo of Surgikill with it's bold red and black font and sharp angular lettering - coupled with that awesome artwork - will straight away have them down as purveyors of the ever swelling retro thrash genre that we all hear so much about.  The fact is though despite thrash being a big part of the sound, what you end up with in reality is a kind of hybrid death/thrash sound with a firm nod towards grindcore for good measure.

First of all the facts.  Surgikill are spearheaded by former Impetigo vocalist Stevo de Caixao and are completed by current members of various other extreme metal acts that successfully lay down a promising and lively debut.  Formed in 2015 they put out a promo last year that showcased two of the tracks on this release.

There's certainly energy here and that coupled with the fetid and dank undertones that frequent the lyrical content make for an interesting listen.  There's something here for any fan o…

Gruesome "Dimensions of Horror"

Things in existence aren't always necessary, everything doesn't always have to have a point.  Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to just do things that are fun, uncomplicated and just created out of common interest in something cool that should be celebrated.

Gruesome don't reinvent the wheel, in fact they shameless chase it down the street with a big stick endlessly spinning aforementioned wheel.  Neither do they take their influences and wear them like underclothes, no sir they wear them on their chests like proud generals wear medals as spoils of war. They like death metal.  They like Death.  Fuck you!

The real pleasure in listening to "Dimensions of Horror" is not the obvious throwbacks and props it nods to former glories, but the absolute pleasure the band takes from doing so.  It must be like being in the ultimate metal band, surrounded by veteran DM musicians who know how to play and write songs and make the whole thing seem effortless.

The entertainmen…

Ghoulgotha "To Starve The Cross"

When you are drunk things often seem better than they actually are.  Last night when I had consumed a singular alcoholic beverage too many I found myself attempting to focus on my Bandcamp feed at some ungodly hour.  One of the releases that came up was Ghoulgotha and their second album "To Starve The Cross".  Initially my interested was piqued by the gloriously named opening track title "Village of Flickering Torches" but as I listened to the actual music it was this that actually grabbed me.  The point being I had tried the debut effort from these chaps and despite there being some buzz around it on the internet, I never got the fuss - hence my assumption that my drunken ears were deceiving me!

It wasn't that "The Deathmass Cloak" was poor by any means, more just well done death/doom with no real special anything to set it apart from most other well done death/doom at the time.  The one thing that is comparable with the debut on the follow up relea…

Playlist Weekly - Stuff I am currently losing my shit to!

In an attempt to post more regularly (but with perhaps less detail) I will endeavour to drop a weekly playlist in on what has kept me away from a life of crime, degeneracy and vagrancy for the past seven days.  This week:
Surgikill "Sanguinary Revelations" Death metal at break-neck speed with gore infested vocals.
Ghoulgotha "To Starve The Cross" Varied, twisty, turning Death/Doom done very well, big step up from their debut.
Gruesome "Dimensions of Horror" Perhaps the only worship acceptable is when you wear your influences so high on your sleeve you can't see the rest of your shirt for them!
Reviews to follow.