Life is not comfortable - Of Doomed Morale "Arcas & Callisto"

Here in England at present we have had national press coverage of some property owners going to the "extremity" of having spikes embedded in the floor outside of their buildings to discourage homeless people from sleeping there.  The idea being that it is too uncomfortable for anyone to sleep there.

Alternatively the aforementioned bourgeoisie, property owing elite could just take a punt on downloading the debut full length from Canadian doom/drone duo, Of Doomed Morale to create the same, desired effect!

Occasionally a record comes along that makes you curl up your top lip and pull a face like a bear just sat on your face and guffed straight up your nasal passages with the intensity and ferocity of a jet engine.  Of Doomed Morale have delivered a truly cloying and grainy experience over the 50+ minutes that make up "Arcas & Callisto".  The whole album drips with a raw fuzz that punishes your ears from start to finish.  The record drags you into the broom closet and physically assaults you, violating your every orifice and penetrating your every pore. 

Raw, buzzsaw, bellowing vocals spread across the tracks like a pandemic outbreak, eating everything in their path whilst being fed all the time by the relentless and repetitive fury of the guitar, bass and drum barrage that rages across the whole opus.

The danger (you might think) from a record so oppressive and commanding in delivery is that it becomes dull or too consistent but as each track unfolds you realise that nothing about this record is boring or dull.  The track "Godkiller" actually sounds like a deity being executed and there is literally no let up in the intensity on "Arcas & Callisto" until final track "Celestial Prison" which settles the whole experience down and gives a rare opportunity to breathe and reflect on the experience you are involved in.

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