Witch Mountain - Mobile Of Angels

Profound Lore Records is a bastion of doom metal.  For a whole catalogue of the slow and heavy you could waste an entire weekend on their bandcamp page alone.  Newly added to the list is the latest release from Witch Mountain, those near veterans of female fronted occult doom metal.

Anyone with eyes and ears will know that Uta Plotkin will no longer be fronting the band with her amazing vocal capabilities so this release is somewhat of a land mark in the career of Witch Mountain.  Now to be clear here, in recent years female fronted occult rock/doom has become a flood of pretenders trying to be retro or cvlt and as a result fans have had to wade through (at times tread water) to get through to some of the more obvious quality available from the genre.  Witch Mountain have been at this for 7 years now and it shows.  That perfect blend of Uta's hauntingly beautiful vocals combined with the equally powerful lead work of Rob Wrong has never sounded so vibrant and poignant at the same time.

Add into this some of the most solid doom riffs you'll find this side of Iommi's moustache and you are soon under the spell of the experience.  There are a couple of songs that outstay their welcome and I personally find the title track dull and a bit of a waste.  However as solid a doom release as you'll hear all year and a great swansong for the amazing Plotkin.


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