Rïcïn "Lïan"

The trend for ambient, European (yep I said the "E" word Brexitors) post-metal/rock, multi-instrumental constructs is one of limited potential to these ears.  I mean I already have Kauan in my library who serve up as excellent slabs of intense yet emotive post-rock as I am ever going to need to soothe my soul when required.

Rïcïn however aren't Kauan.  They probably don't want to be either I imagine but as a result of either a) my limited knowledge of the genre or b) the actual limited variety of the genre they are all I can compare them to.  At times the quality on "Lïan" is close to the astounding sound of the Russians on their releases thus far, but the major problem with the (presumed) French outfit is that they don't match the flow and connectivity of all the individual parts that Kauan manage so effortlessly.  The combo of the backing vocals with the lead vocals is jarring at times and really does nothing positive in terms of endearing the listener to engage with its awkwardness.

At times they remind me of a more avant-garde Evanescence without any nu-metal riffs.  Whilst they can play their instruments there are obvious issues with the songwriting strengths of the artists involved.  The record as a whole never settles on a direction and goes from being a more "Euro" attempt at the more eclectic aspects of Portishead to the more ethereal clunkyness of Chelsea Wolfe. Sadly the quality of writing and sometimes the quality of the musicianship let the delivery down. There are times on the record that I am genuinely bored and waiting for something to happen but all too often I just get the same format and structure as the last two songs I have sat through.

As background music this might work, but as I sit down and listen properly to music it is not worth the effort required.


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