Ruinous "Graves Of Ceaseless Death"

In the dirge of modern death metal with an ever increasing glut of "more" technical, "more" squally and "more" "old school" bands just crawling out of the woodwork like grubs wearing torn jeans and an old Possessed vest, it is nice on occasion to have the veterans of the genre step forward and remind us what true death metal is all about.

Ruinous consist of Alex Bouks, Shaun Eldridge and Matt Medeiros all of Funebrarum fame (as well as various others).  The pedigree they have on paper transfers brilliantly into nine tracks of furious death metal done with aplomb and thankfully some variety too.  There's a selection of some fine death doom alongside some grindcore and more old school sounding DM to boot.

Not afraid to throw in epic monuments such as "Through Stygian Catacombs" or behemoths like "Procession of Ceaseless Sorrows" alongside the smash and grab frenzy of "Transfixed on the Gate" or "Ravenous Eternal", Ruinous constantly shape shift like the monsters from our worst nightmares. One minute they are smothering the listener like some hellish cloak of wretched filth and the next they are stalking them like some huge beast crashing through a dark forest seeking it's prey.

Sonics stab and seep into the structures like marauding ghoulish shapes, twisting and contorting in the madness like tortured souls.  Production wise the sound is clear without ever losing the thick guitar sound or punishing fury of the drums.  The vocals reverberate around your eardrums like they are cavernous tombs suddenly transformed by Matt's lyrical delivery.

So here in November we have an unexpected early present and further testimony to the fact that year end lists (and I have seen some already on the web - pricks!) belong at the end of the year not mid fucking November!

Described as sitting "somewhere nicely between old and new school" on the Dark Descent BC page, Ruinous drop a gripping and sophisticated foray into true death metal with a seemingly effortless performance full of surety and total familiarity with the scope of the genre at large.

Available now via Dark Descent Records here.



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