End Of Year List - Countdown - Number 10

Breaking from my normal tradition of moaning my fucking arse off about everyone doing their end of year lists before Dec 31st at midnight this year I am going to slowly countdown my top ten releases of 2016 (and then spend all of 2017 kicking myself for the shit I missed)!

Number 10: Dopethrone/Fister split
Oddly, I start with a release that only has two songs on it.  The Dopethrone/Fister split from this year actually only has one artist I am familiar with on it in the sense that I own the entire Dopethrone discography and I had a total of zero Fister releases in my library until this dropped.  Fact is the Dopethrone offering is relatively average in the grander scheme of things in the sense that it is most definitely the weaker of the two tracks on offer here.

The venomous fury and straight up scathing aggression of Fister's contribution presents a real force to be reckoned with.  From the off it is the combination of searing vocals and face-melting riffage that blend to make the following seven minutes plus as memorable as they are harrowing.  Nice work Fister.

More to follow...


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