The Eminent Silence Top 5 Albums of 2016

Number 5 - Gorguts "Pleiades' Dust"
I expected to place this higher.  The issue being that firstly 2016 has seen some strong releases that have simply pushed this down the list and secondly that the single track format is still something I am struggling to come to terms with if I am honest.  Despite the clever writing of the track to clearly show the beginning and end of movements I still struggle to track it over the course of one song.  No shame in coming fifth though for Luc and the boys, still an absolute triumph of musicianship.

Number 4 - Ritual Chamber "Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim)"
Multi-instrumental wizard Dario Derna takes a well earned bow at number four on the list with the horrific and menacing majesty of "Obscurations.." which lays down high expectations for future releases without a doubt.  Well structured and atmosphere laden tracks haunt every corner of this release.

Number 3 - Grave Miasma "Endless Pilgrimage"
A focused and intensely delivered piece of Death Metal if ever I heard one.  What we have right here
ladies and gents is a band at the top of their game, able to mix in new sounds yet still be so recognisable at the same time.  Serious progression from the band which makes whatever they may have planned for 2017 all the more tantalizing.

Number 2 - Inquisition "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith"
As the title suggests this truly is a band at the very zenith of their capabilities and we all should take a moment to worship at the very altar they sacrifice upon on.  This sees my record player more than the fucking stylus does such is the need for me to sip from this particular cup of black metal majesty. Truly deserving of it's place at number two on the list.

Number 1 - Ulcerate "Shrines Of Paralysis"
2016 killed off a lot of celebrities and also showed every crevice and crack on the turgid face of humanity through war, poverty, oppression, racism etc, etc.  One thing that really didn't suck throughout all of 2016 was the promise of the New Zealand tech-death maestros Ulcerate releasing the much anticipated follow up to the highly acclaimed "Vermis".  What landed in October was immense, sprawling, blistering, spiralling, tumultuous and utterly brilliant.  The theme of the top three this year is very much of bands being at the top of their game and none can be much more comfortable up there than Ulcerate.


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