Excommunion "Thronosis"

Fifteen years ago I was twenty six, out of the metal scene and therefore ignorant to Colorado death metallers Excommunion and their debut album "Superion".  According to the internet this release was reasonably good and now, a mere decade and a half later on the band have finally gotten round a sophomore full length release.

I suppose that given such a period of time it would be forgivable for them to have a sophomore slump really, however I am pleasantly surprised by "Thronosis".  Now don't get me wrong, the wheel doesn't get reinvented here, not at all.  But then that's not the point to the record I suspect.  "Thronosis" means "initiation ritual" and although it could be argued the music world has changed significantly since they last ventured with a release there's no real requirement for any initiation back into the world of death metal for Excommunion.  These boys can play, they can do death metal very well and they deliver their art with a surety and firmness expected from veterans of the scene.

There's nods to hundreds of influences/similar sounds galore as the band motor their way through 4 tracks of relentless death metal which should satisfy any fan of the genre quite easily.  The pace varies evenly as the record rumbles along and really my only criticism is it is far too short and over before it should be for my ears.


Available via here and here too.


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